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In My Shoes

Can you imagine yourself as a slave in the 18th or 19th century? Can you imagine yourself on the struggling end of a 300-year civil rights’ movement? In My Shoes examines these questions with ruling class and minority class roles reversed. Read More

Bless Me, Father

Father John McCabe has come to the end of a long service with the church of St. Mary’s. Filling in to hear confessions one last time, he must expediently deal with the problems of the day while also coming to grips with the impact he has had on lives past and present. Read More

Butte v. Beeste

Annabelle Butte always dreamed that one day she would find her Prince Charming. When she meets Harry Beeste, a struggling tavern owner, and learns that he may be heir to a family estate, she pushes for a quick wedding. Annabelle, soon disillusioned by a tight budget and a talk with Harry’s Aunt Mona, files for divorce. The divorce hearing details what went wrong while revealing the true feelings and motives of the participants. Read More

Waking Charlie

Charlie Tarver’s suicide was the ultimate cry for attention and act of revenge. A visit from Andy, a kindred spirit with unresolved issues, will help Charlie deal with his emotions and show him a life that could have been. Read More

Rise and Shine, Summer Grove!

Pat White and Pat Gray have come to the local television set of Rise and Shine, a morning news/entertainment show, to tape a public service announcement for their groups’ national convention of crocheters – called the Happy Hookers. When an accident knocks the news anchors out of commission just before going live, the two Pats are called on as emergency replacements. Read More

Spin Cycle

A Washington, D.C. senator and his staff attempt spin control after the senator is stopped by police during a night on the town. Read More

Unforgettable Love

An elderly couple – each suffering from Alzheimer’s disease – retreat into past memories while trying to cope after government cutbacks leave them with no medical support. Read More

Six-Star Service

A couple wins a night’s stay at an exclusive hotel and learns what the sixth star is for. Read More

Memories in Play

Memories become fluid in the possession of the caretakers. Read More

Love Stories – three skits

Love Stories

Three short comical skits about love and relationships. Read More

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