Rock, Paper, Schism

Two men argue about the origin and religious importance of a rock.

Genre:              Lite Comedy
Length:            One-act stageplay
Cast:                  2 male, 1 female



MOSHE:     It’s… a rock.

AHMED:    Moshe, what’s a rock doing here in the middle of this empty desert?

MOSHE:    I don’t know, Ahmed. But, I do know that I found wood for my Zola. This will make her a little less bitter.

AHMED:   Moshe, I believe that I am the one who found the rock.

MOSHE:   You? How could you find the rock that was covered by bushes?

AHMED:   When we moved the bushes, I found the rock.

MOSHE:   But, I found the bushes and without the bushes there would be no rock. I’m just saying.

Moshe and Ahmed step back and study the rock.

AHMED:   Imagine a rock like this in a place like this.

MOSHE:   A rock like this… in a place like this!

Moshe and Ahmed study the rock in silence.

MOSHE (CONT’D):  How could no one have seen this rock before today?

AHMED:   The rock was covered by the bushes.

MOSHE:   How could no one have seen these bushes before today?

AHMED:   No one comes out this far from the village.