8 Minutes, 46 Seconds

A Black victim of police violence confronts his White attacker.

Genre:              Drama
Length:            One-act stageplay
Cast:                  2 males



Black man:   I believe you didn’t ask me if I had a minute to answer a few questions, or, if I didn’t mind helping with an investigation. I believe your first words were, “Where are you going?”

White man:  I guess, yes.

Black man:   Not very neighborly. Also, I noticed your hand was on your gun.

White man:  I guess, yes.

Black man:   You wanted my help in an investigation and that’s how you ask me? And, with your hand on the grip of a gun?

White man:  That was just for safety?

Black man:   Yours or mine?

White man:  Everyone involved.

Black man:   So far, it’s just you and me and you have the gun. I didn’t feel safe.

White man:  You had no reason to be afraid if you did nothing wrong.

The Black man explodes in laughter.

Black man:   I had no reason… to be afraid.


But, here we are.

White man:  It shouldn’t have gone that way.

Black man:   Sideways.

White man   Yes.

Black man:   It got out of control?

White man:  Yes.

Black man:   By the two people who initiated the event… and had the weapons.

White man:  Yes.

Black man:   So, you asked where I was going. I asked what this was about. You said…

White man:  I’m asking the questions.

Black man:   I said, “I’m just going home, Officer. I’m just going home.” And, that could have been the end of it. No crime. No probable cause. No reason to escalate.


But, then your partner walks up behind me.