Tag: drama

8 Minutes, 46 Seconds

A Black victim of police violence confronts his White attacker.

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In My Shoes

Can you imagine yourself as a slave in the 18th or 19th century? Can you imagine yourself on the struggling end of a 300-year civil rights’ movement? In My Shoes examines these questions with ruling class and minority class roles reversed.

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Waking Charlie

Charlie Tarver’s suicide was the ultimate cry for attention and act of revenge. A visit from Andy, a kindred spirit with unresolved issues, will help Charlie deal with his emotions and show him a life that could have been.

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Memories in Play

Memories become fluid in the possession of the caretakers.

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A Series of Bad Decisions

Samuel Collins is on trial for vehicular manslaughter. During a night of partying, Samuel speeds through town, is chased by police and crashes his car into another. Samuel’s trial lays out the facts of the case and the series of bad decisions that led to the fates of all involved.

Based on a true story.

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A college professor plays mind games with an unsuspecting guest.

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