Butte v. Beeste

Annabelle Butte always dreamed that one day she would find her Prince Charming. When she meets Harry Beeste, a struggling tavern owner, and learns that he may be heir to a family estate, she pushes for a quick wedding. Annabelle, soon disillusioned by a tight budget and a talk with Harry’s Aunt Mona, files for divorce. The divorce hearing details what went wrong while revealing the true feelings and motives of the participants.

Genre:            Comedy
Length:          One-act stageplay
Cast:                5 male, 3 female
Awards: Winner, 2005 McLaren Comedy Playwriting Festival
These substitute lyrics can be sung to the original Beauty and the Beast melody.

Tale as old as time
True as it can be
She searches for a mate
Who can pay the freight
With total certainty
Gives the man a glance
A flirtatious smile
Makes his senses spin
Then she reels him in
Butte versus Beeste

Ever it will be
A fire he can’t quell
Drawn in to her plan
Once she’s found her man
And she casts her spell

Tale as old as time
Tune as old as song
Not the man you thought
Nor the prince you sought
How could you be wrong
Ever winter comes
Flowers surely fade
Judges intervene
Dividing assets clean
Butte versus Beeste

No one really knows
Why petals leave the rose
Butte versus Beeste.