Category: Comedy

I’ll Be Home For Xmas Dinner

For a young man growing up in an Italian family, food and the holidays are synonymous. But, when Anthony marries Kristen, he discovers that all feasts are not created equal and there is no place like home for the holidays.
Based on a true story. Read More

Bad Cat

Horatio is a house cat who has never been outside. One day, while his owners are away, he is visited by Bell, a neighborhood cat and Screamer, a stray. Horatio shares his accommodations and Bell and Screamer show him life in the outside world. Read More

Meat and Greet

Four men and four women gather for a series of speed dates to meet a prospective partner. The audience gets to pick which couples are best suited for each other. Read More

God Bless America, Too

The President of the United States has decided it is his moral imperative to bring democracy to all reaches of the world. To implement this policy directive, he has dispersed the entire military to many areas around the globe to maintain and foster peace initiatives. With the United States devoid of military presence, Canada and Mexico agree to ‘peacefully’ conquer the defenseless nation. They will divide the country north and south and meet at the White House where a soon-to-be startled President awaits. Read More

Amber & Eve

A forensic paleontologist explains the significance of the contents of an amber fossil and its ties to the beginnings of human life. Read More

Southern Exposure

William and Carol Grand have their roots deeply planted in the Georgia red clay. Austerity collides with social stigma when they lose jobs and have to come to grips with their personal balance sheet. Carol finds creative ways to hold onto her most prized possession but their biggest challenge may be avoiding scrutiny from old friends – the Trubbles. Read More

To Have and Too Old

Rose Brichen and Daisy Nicely feel saddled by their husband’s ailments and want desperately to go on a Mediterranean cruise. When Rose enlists Daisy on a plan to fulfill their dream, the results are unexpected but may be best for everyone. Read More

Real Close to Broadway

Midville Community Theatre needs to find a hit play from its annual contest entries to fund their upcoming season.  A submission by a famous playwright, nepotism and love all conspire to blur ethical boundaries. Read More

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