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Love Stories – three skits

Love Stories

Three short comical skits about love and relationships.

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Living on Mars

Two NASA Astronauts, completing the first year of a five-year mission, try to cope with the isolation and desolation of Mars and the need for a physical, human connection.  Their android assistants, programmed for self-learning, get swept up in the quest for love and romance.

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An elderly woman uses her vehicle’s InStar service button to get help for her ailing husband.

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Family of Spies

Longtime Russian spy partners Boris and Natasha have a mission to steal back documents from Elliot, a CIA agent. To accomplish their mission, they’ll have to survive family night and their own repressed feelings for each other.

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Everything Butt

Mr. Butts has been convinced by his wife to have his first prostate exam at a teaching hospital. He is assured of sensitive, confidential and professional treatment that protects his modesty.

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Dream Girl

George finds an (un)invited house guest threatening to come between him and his wife.

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Conclave Buffet

Catholic Cardinals gather in Conclave at the Vatican to elect a new Pope… and have some fun!

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Abu Babbu Trilogy – three one-acts

1.  Surf’s Up, Guantanamo

Abu Babbu has spent five years in Guantanamo Bay’s military detention camp making the best of a difficult situation. His tenth, formal interrogation entitles him to an advanced technique – waterboarding.

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Papa’s Last Wish

“Papa” Fuente’s family has come to see him on his last day in the hospital. As his children and grandchildren vie for position in his will, Papa has his own requests of them and his housekeeper, Lola.

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A Series of Bad Decisions

Samuel Collins is on trial for vehicular manslaughter. During a night of partying, Samuel speeds through town, is chased by police and crashes his car into another. Samuel’s trial lays out the facts of the case and the series of bad decisions that led to the fates of all involved.

Based on a true story.

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